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About The Blueberry Classroom

To assist in meeting the needs of EYLF (Early Years Learning Foundation) and ACARA (Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority) The Blueberry Classroom provides fun packages and resources to assist teachers to plan and present, investigate, create and explore learning through singing, dancing, acting, drawing and scientific experimentations (including technology).

Through The Blueberry Classroom children learn the requirements of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) using play based learning that is fun and contemporary.

In their first year of school children in Prep (4-5 year olds) are now required to write in sentences with punctuation by the end of that year (ACELY1651, ACELY1652). To enable children to take this fast step Childcare is now required to employ qualified teachers who are trained to teach the previous content of the first year of school (pre 2011 when the new ACARA curriculum was introduced in Australia). For children to be well placed for the first year of school requirements it is now necessary for children to be well versed in many areas including the recognition and correct writing of the alphabet (upper and lower case), basic phonics, recognition and accurate writing of numerals and much more before starting school.

Each Blueberry package ensures that EYLF Learning Outcomes are covered and teachers are able to access the Learning Outcomes reached for each area of the packages cutting administrative bookwork to a minimum.

Program Design

Each Blueberry package places children’s learning at the core and comprises of three interrelated elements:

Principles, Practice and Learning Outcomes.

All three elements are fundamental to early childhood pedagogy and curriculum decision-making.  Fundamental to the Federal Government’s framework (EYLF) is a view of children’s lives as characterised by Belonging, Being and Becoming. Key focus areas for Blueberry packages are:

Recollection of words through the repetitive structure of singing


Self confidence building from interactive activities

Repetitive gross motor skills from actions

Actions defining feelings and emotions

Recognition of written words on screen

Physical Wellbeing

How symbols and pattern systems work.

The development of a sense of belonging to groups and communities

Understanding of the reciprocal rights and responsibilities necessary for active community participation.

A message from our founder

With thirty years of educational teaching and administrative duties across Australia it was easy to see that if children have an enjoyable start in education their academic outcomes will be far better.

The Blueberry Classroom has a team of Australian advisers that include a Speech Pathologist, Human Movement specialist, Psychologist, Music and Drama specialists, Early Childhood professionals, Science and Technology advisers and Registered teachers ensuring that we ‘have it right’ even though the courses are put together as ‘fun for children’.

Teachers, we do hope you will try the themed packages as they will excite and engage your children and lessen the workload in your daily activities giving you more time to engage with your students.

Finding all the items needed for your children can be challenging for teachers. Also, enjoy the mandatory bookwork normally required by the teacher but is accompanied in each Blueberry Package Theme.

Have fun and enjoy the time with your children.

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The Blueberry Classroom

Themed Song and Action / Dance

The centrepiece of each package is a contemporary, themed song that includes dance actions for the children. These songs (and videos) have been specifically designed for the cognitive abilities of children of childcare age.

The videos and songs are designed as being educational and not entertainment - despite being entertaining.

Once you have registered you will have access to all of our current packages.

Routine Songs

Short fun songs you can play in the morning to re enforce basic concepts –

These songs are designed to enhance children’s learning through the repeated rote style. The Routine Songs utilise cognitive load techniques to gain children’s attention and retention of the basics in Language, Mathematics, Science and Social engagement. Routine songs should be played at the beginning of learning to help children settle, ensure children are aware of ‘learning time’ and give children continuity in learning. It is best to play the five songs in order and complete at the start of your program for several weeks to familiarise children before mixing the selection with two or three songs at a time or as children request. There are different versions of the same song available to help with keeping the students interested.

The Good Morning Song, The ABC Song, I Can Count Song, Days Of The Week Song, The Phonics Song and The Weather Song.

Package Songs

A brief list of package themes available

Community – Policeman Song, The Ambulance, Fireman Song

Environment – I Can Create, Wiggly Wiggly Worm, Seasons

Adventure – Build a Spaceship, Music Conductor

Colours – Ralph is a Red Rat, What colour is a Flower

Health – To Wash My Hands, Just a Smile, Making Decisions

Nursery Songs - Three Pigs, Old Macdonald had a Farm

Australiana, Gumnut Song, Cuddly Koala, In Australia, Indigenous Song

Insects - Mr Bee, Spider Song, Why Fly

Many more themes are available and new ones are arriving every week.

Art & Craft

Art is an essential skill to help children develop fine-motor skills, conceptual reasoning and it's fun! Each package includes worksheets and art activities (with instructions) all based on the package topic.

Whether it's a simple Australian colouring sheets or a craft and textured masterpiece, the kids will love making them and the parents will love seeing the creative artworks representing their learning. Key learning outcomes for Art;

For Teachers

Activities related to the theme song

Examples and instructions

Printable sheets

Learning benefits

EYLF Learning Outcome numbers

For the children

Following instructions, retention

Choosing, designing


Drawing, gluing, pasting, cutting, picture placement – fine motor skills

Identifying colours


Pattern systems


Working with others to create

Colouring, retention of a story

Story Booklet

The story and drama booklet not only provides an entertaining and moral filled story, but it also involves the children in acting out parts for the story.

Each story has characters that can be assigned to children and the story is designed to encourage the children to participate and repeat the lines of their characters. These drama stories, and sometimes poetry works, encourage children to learn logical events, social skills, emotional understanding and self-confidence. Key skills incorporated are;

Repetition of phrases of words

Clear examples of pronunciation

Self confidence building from interactive activities

Word Recognition

Developing knowledgeable and confident self –identities through drama


Time for creative imagination


Self - discipline and listening skills



Science Lesson

Children are brilliant scientists, often loving to be curious and investigating how things work, and it is important to encourage that. Each package contains a science lesson based around the theme.

These science lessons contain interesting hands-on activities that are easy to set-up and run for our little scientists.

Skills using observations, problem solving, inquiry, experimentation, hypothesising, researching and investigating are all utilised to encourage the child’s enquiring mind and representation of their thinking.


Teachers, The Blueberry Classroom has you covered.
With the pressure of meeting the needs of the EYLF and preparing the children for school it's hard and time consuming without even considering making an entertaining program for the different ages of children in your room!

We make sure that all of our packages meet EYLF Learning Outcomes and prepare your children for ACARA. We include the bookwork (including the Learning Outcome numbers) in each package with outlines and clear documentation so that you can easily refer to it giving you the freedom and time to focus on your students.

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